Investor attention

Frequently Asked Questions

The investor who has a demat account with us can apply following the below steps.

  1. Log into ACE
  2. Click More >> Apply for IPO
  3. Choose the IPO you wish to Bid
  4. Enter UPI ID, other details & submit
  5. Approve mandate request received in your UPI app.

The maximum subscription amount for retail investors has limited to Rs 2 lakhs.

Yes, the investor can apply by filling the IPO application form and submitting it to the bank's branch. The IPO application form can be downloaded using the following links:

For NSE, click here

For BSE, click here

The IPO window is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. You can only delete the application from 12 PM to 4:30 PM.

You can find your DP ID in ACE. Go to ACE >> My Profile

Yes, SEBI has permitted the use of UPI ID for IPO application. At the time of filling the application form, you need to specify your UPI ID and submit it. The broker will send a request for blocking the funds to your UPI mobile application.

You need to log in to the app and approve the block mandate. The amount applied will be blocked in your bank account. Post-allotment, the exact amount will be debited (based on the allotment) and the rest will be unblocked.

You will receive a pop up of the mandate for approval. If you missed the pop-up, click on the bell icon on the top right corner >> click on the notification to accept >> validate using your UPI PIN.

Go to BHIM application >> Mandate >> Accept the mandate request by proceeding to enter your UPI PIN

Go to "My Profile" (Top right corner of the app) >> Settings >> One-time Mandate. Click on Authorize to accept & enter your UPI PIN.

The mandate request is generally received in real-time. Sometimes it may take up to the end of the day for you to receive your mandate request. Please wait till the end of the day to see if you have received the request.

To find out the list of supporting banks, click here

The investor can check the allotments status of an IPO once the allotment process is completed.

Go to the BSE website >> Enter your application Number >> Enter your PAN Number >>Click on the Search button.

While every company has different timelines, you should receive a credit of the shares applied for in an IPO in your Demat account before the listing date of the said shares.

ASBA stands for "Applications Supported by Blocked Accounts". At the time of bidding, investors account is blocked to the extent of the bid amount and debited only at the time of allotment.

According to SEBI, an investor can make a maximum of five applications from one bank account per issue using ASBA.

A price band is a price range between the upper and lower price in which buyers are able to place bids. For eg: if the price band is between Rs. 345-Rs. 350, it means that investors can bid for shares at any price between Rs.345- Rs.350.

Applying on Cut-off price means the investor is ready to pay whatever price is decided by the company at the end of the book-building process.

For eg: if the price band of an IPO is between Rs.345 - Rs.350 and the investor opts to bid at the cut off price, then the application would be done at the cap price i.e. Rs.350. However, if the determined issue price is less than Rs.350, then the price difference between the issue price and the cap price would be refunded to the investor after allotment.

An investor can place a maximum of 3 bids on an issue.